Stand out from the crowd and get your own printed balloons

For corporate events
Whilst many of us relate memories of balloons with birthday parties when we were children, printed balloons can also be used in a more grownup environment. The use of printed balloons can actually be very beneficial in the business world.

Anybody who has had a space at a corporate exhibition will know just how much competition there is for space and quite how hard everybody tries to bring potential customers in their direction. If you employ the standard methods of marketing to your exhibition show you will discover that you need to spend a lot of time, and normally lots of money, to truly stand out.

Advertising potential
If you are making use of helium filled balloons to help advertise your organisation then you will be immediately at an advantage. As we all know, helium filled balloons are lighter than the air around them and will float upwards. With the appropriate amount of string attached to the balloon you will be positioning your corporate identity in a space over and above the reach of regular advertising. We can also use giant 5ft balloons or create sculptures depicting your logo or organisation ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.If your competitors are not doing the same, you will have that space to yourself.
Just like printing your logo or company message onto carrier bags or other packaging, branding onto balloons offers a mobile marketing space that you don’t have to carry around yourself. Every time you hand out a printed balloon to a visitor at the exhibition, you are effectually giving out a promotional item for your firm that will be relocatingaround.
Another great benefit of using printed balloons as a corporate advertising application is the price tag. No matter what condition the overall economy may be in, firms are continually looking for the most cost-effective ways to promote themselves, and printed balloons are undoubtedly one of these methods. For a relatively low fee you can get hold of a good number of balloons, all printed with your bespoke message.

Balloon printing options
There are two primary kinds of balloon that can be printed on; latex balloons and also foil balloons.
Latex balloons are the most common type of balloon. They are the teardrop shaped balloons that are slightly rubbery in texture. They nowadays come in a broad range of colour options, and you can even get balloons that are semi-transparent or have a metallic finish. All latex balloons can be printed on but it is well worth bearing in mind the base colouring of the balloon when creating a design.
Foil balloons are actually made from mylar, and instead of being formed of one single piece of material they are more typically made by sealing two individual pieces together. This hemming process allows for a wide range of different designs, including stars and hearts. Combined with their glistening finish, foil balloons have become very popular for printing personalised messages for special events.

The environmental impact
Balloons are a consumable item, therefore people are often concerned about the effect they have upon the environment. The good news is that balloons are actually quite an eco friendly product and using them will not have a detrimental effect on the natural world. Many studies have been carried out that support this view.
Latex balloons are made of a material called natural rubber latex (NRL) which is collected from trees in tropical regions. The trees are simply tapped for their rubber rather than chopped down, and the cultivation of rubber tree plantations actually helps to avoid rainforest deforestation.
They are also biodegradable and can even be used on the compost heap! Latex balloons will decay at different rates depending on the circumstances they are left in, although testing has shown that they will usually decompose entirely within 6 months. This is the same period of time as oak leaves take to decompose.

Get your own printed balloons
I hope this article will have pointed out a few of the scenarios that printed balloons are well suited to, and perhaps you are already thinking about an upcoming occasion where balloons would make a great statement.
If you would like to learn more about getting your own customised printed balloons, give us a call on 01709 789333 or email us for a quote and some friendly advice. Once you have seen how well balloons help to set off your party you will want to make use of them again and again!