Why I only use quality balloons in the decor I produce

Today I have completed 2 jobs, one on behalf of a very big company who subcontract work to Balloon Companies like mine and one where I worked for the client direct.

With my client, we took time to discuss what they wanted to achieve with the décor, making sure that it followed the clients brief, matching their brand colours and creating an eye catching, funky entrance to their company dinner and dance.

I knew exactly the room it was taking place in and what suited the layout. I was able to liaise with the venue staff (thank you S.I.V for all your help) and the décor was installed with the minimum of time and fuss. Not one balloon burst and the funky columns looked quality.

Contrast with my first job of the day. Opening décor for a large furniture retailer.

I was given the job late Thursday afternoon, with the minimum of instructions, ‘they want a 25ft helium garland arch and 20 floor standing arrangements and oh it needs to be in place by 9am on Saturday morning. We will send you the balloons and ribbon etc you just provide the helium and labour’.

Ok I thought, shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I knew where the store was as I had passed it the week before, I had a job in Sheffield anyway, so why not?

I arrived at our workshop at 6.50am along with a colleague and we set about inflating the garland arch and 20 floor standing arrangements. Pop, pop, pop not a sound I am used to as I use the finest balloons in the world in my décor, Qualatex. They may cost more but they are worth every penny. You achieve consistent results with the minimum of popage, I have used these balloons my entire career and normally I wouldn’t be seen dead using anything else. But because of the short notice I had to use the balloons I was provided with.

We eventually completed the arch, making it slightly longer at 30ft, loaded everything into the van and we arrived at the store at 8.35am ready to install. We had to wait because they wanted a photo shoot with the GB Volleyball team outside, ok, no problem. We took the floor standing balloons inside as it was blowing a gale and in my opinion would be better served in the windows inside.

Eventually we were able to get the garland arch out, I went to put it inside the door and was told they wanted it outside. I challenged this as I have just said it was blowing a gale and we were in a wind tunnel. But they were the clients technically and I always try to exceed expectations. We put it outside and were told they wanted it bigger. We had to take it back in and extend the arch, no mean feat once its made! We added an extra 10ft and took it back outside and we nearly took off as the wind lifted the arch and beat it about. I explained to the PR guy that as a professional I couldn’t do this, it was a hazard and I would prefer to take it away and come back with 2 big columns that they could place in their entrance. All the time the balloons were popping and I was so embarrassed, this is not what I do. He agreed and off we went back to the workshop.

We swiftly made 2 columns on our metal poles and topped them off with lovely balloon inside a balloon. We took them back to the superstore and put them inside the doors, they looked much better. We were also surprised to see that the balloons that we had put outside were still there, but we had wrapped them around the plants and buried the weights in the soil for extra support!

The moral of this story is, always use quality balloons, make sure that you know where the balloons are going and that they are appropriate for that situation. They then look fantastic and add to the occasion.