Weddings are a magical time and can be considerably enhanced by fabulous balloon décor. Ultimate can transform the most unattractive village hall into a romantic space that you have dreamt about.

When you were a little girl did you dress up pretending you were a bride with your mum’s high heels and a net curtain on your head?

Lots of little girls do (although I preferred my brothers football shirt and boots and wanted to be Georgie Best) and I never forget that.

You may be a lady who has found love the second time around and wants to make this day more special than the 1st. You want it to be different you may not have had the all the tranquilments that go with a 21st century wedding and want to make your mark; we can help with that too in an understanding way. Taking off all the pressure allowing you to enjoy your special day.

You want your day to be perfect and the talk of all your family and friends; I understand that as well so I listen to your ideas over a cuppa and a digestive or two, glitzy or glamorous, traditional or modern; over the top or understated its only then I get my pencil and start designing that perfect day with you.

We’ll look through my design portfolio, you can browse in my modern showroom, blow some balloons up in your colour scheme and we’ll get things just right.

When we have sorted out the balloon décor you’ll be pleased to know that we also offer chair covers, twinkle curtain and centerpieces but most of all more than 18 years of experience knowing who’s good andwho isn’t, and having hundreds of contacts in the wedding business who can all help your big day come true.

I can save you lots of time in finding the right supplier that would suit your needs all you need to do is ask me, its free.

Many couples say they wished they had seen me first before they started booking the photographer and the venue and all the other paraphernalia that goes with a wedding as I could have saved them so much time and after all personal recommendation is much better than taking a chance in a phone directory or a click on the internet!

Rest assured that we have decorated the majority of venues in South Yorkshire so we know what goes and what doesn’t. What fits and what’s inappropriate. We will give you our honest opinion and we have been know to turn away from an event if we felt the decorations were not right for that venue.

The majority of our work comes from personal recommendation and we are now decorating the weddings of the girls who were little bridesmaids at weddings we did when we first started out. I think that this says it all about our company.

What you need to do now is pick up the phone and call 01709 789333 or send me an email now to schedule your private consultation in our business unit based at The Fusion Centre right next door to the very popular Magna Centre just off the M1 motorway. We open by appointment Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and have a late night generally on Tuesdays by appointment. We are very flexible and understand busy people may not be able to make these times so if you call us on 01709 789333 we could arrange a suitable time convenient for you.

The kettle is always on!