Balloon Printing

Ultimate can provide bespoke balloon printing to create printed balloons ideal for your balloon release or promotional printed balloons for special events.

Ultimate creates custom printed balloons with your company logo pin sharp that will enhance your brand. We can print up to 4 screens on the balloon which means that we can undertake printing complex company logos. Companies demand the highest standards when reproducing their brand image, here at Ultimate our four colour print process means that we can reproduce high quality spot colour designs and excellent colour registration.

We can do this because we print our balloons whilst they are inflated which means that there is a denser ink coverage, brighter colours, sharper contrasts. Words perhaps to you but the results speak for themselves, using such a process results in a brand image reproduced to companies exacting standards.

Need to give someone your heart?

We can even print your message on a latex heart shaped balloon. If you want your message to float past your competitors a little longer we can print on a range of foil shaped balloons. Circles, Hearts or Stars and in a variety of colours we have a range to suit your application.

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