Corporate Events

Corporate events can be transformed by themed decorations which provide a memorably exciting visual entertainment for those in attendance, assisting in etching the corporate brand as a positive experience in the guests’ minds.

From gala dinners to exhibitions and product launches Ultimate Balloon understands that your corporate event is a ‘no fail’ option, we have to deliver on time and on budget, you can be confident therefore that your special event will be a huge success.

What makes Ultimate Balloon unique & different?

We know that a corporate event must always present the companies strategic goals and messages. Since 1996, we have listened and understood our corporate clients. Budgets varying, corporate messages needing to be seen and heard, something new, something different that makes their employees, sales team and their clients experience the extraordinary.

How does Ultimate Balloon achieve your objectives?

Our systems provide the detail, our planned designs in budget are the foundation. Our organizational, creative & production skills assure the result. Our goal is to exceed yours. Understanding you and your company’s objective is paramount and is the reason why we deliver a great experience for you and your guests.

How does Ultimate Balloon capture what’s most important to you?

Listening is the key to delivering a fabulous event. We listen to your aspirations, dreams and deliver a sophisticated, elegant and memorable celebration.