Sparkle Curtains

Sparkle or Twinkle Curtains Some people call them a twinkle curtain some a sparkle curtain, whichever phrase you use the effect is the same, a beautiful twinkly sparkly backdrop for your top table.

Our beautiful white sparkle backdrop gives the bride & groom a perfect backdrop for their wedding reception. Imagine sitting behind a sparkly curtain full of l.e.d lights that twinkle throughout the wedding breakfast. The sparkle curtain can be extended to a height of 9FT. and length of 40ft more than adequate for the average top table.

If your wedding venue is a little dark then the sparkle or twinkle curtain is the ideal solution to give your special day extra sparkle and shine. Our sparkle curtain is white and is fully fire retardant so passes all the relevant health & safety tests. Our sparkle curtain is competitively priced and a discount is available if it is teemed with balloons and chair covers.

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