Wedding Packages

Although I am not personally a fan of packages (it stifles my creativity) I do realise that for some Brides to Be the security of knowing how much you are going to spend is vitality important.

We have therefore created 3 packages for budgets ranging from £150 – £300. Its important to realise that if you are having more than 8 tables we can ADD to the price but if you are having LESS we can’t REDUCE the price. There are always areas you can use the extra decorations.

You can of course have ANY COLOUR and its usual to choose the colour of the bridesmaids dresses.

If you are like me and would like a totally INDIVIDUAL design then I would be delighted to help you create this and you will be delighted to know that our table arrangements start from £8.50 and top table décor from £85.

All you need to bring to our showroom besides yourselves is a swatch of your material so that I can get your colour just right. Call me on01709 789333 to arrange your appointment.